Contract Negotiation

Ultra Management (Sports) has a strong reputation as the premier
dealmaker in the Rugby League world.

At UMS, we understand that contract negotiation is an essential aspect of the management process, and with over 25 years’ industry experience, we have successfully negotiated contracts for many of the world’s best Rugby League players.

We negotiate contracts for players at every position and within every club.

Through our respected reputation and solid relationships, Ultra Management (Sports) has negotiated several record-breaking deals that have then gone on to set precedents for the industry. UMS are second-to-none in maximizing the earning potential of our valuable players.

From lucrative apparel deals to player appearances, our Marketing division play an invaluable role in securing successful off-the-field earning opportunities for our players.

We ensure communication channels are always open between UMS, players, clients, and any other relevant parties such as family members and financial planners.

With a wealth of relevant industry experience, our ultimate goal at UMS is simply to provide optimum results for our clients.